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Let's Build a Better Future Together


Innovo Renewables, operates, builds and manages clean energy projects in diverse environments around the world, powering households, businesses and communities.

We focus our expertise to create value and the customers we supply.

Let's Build a Better Future Together


At Innovo Renewables we aim to build long-term relationships with landowners and consider them as land partners through the project life cycle, from development to operation.

Why choose Innovo Renewables?


Obtaining a predictable, long-term revenue stream

We are able to value your land at the highest market level.

Our technical team will create a tailor-made project, according to the characteristics of your land, the exposure and other technical factors.

As landowner, you will receive an annual income through the signature of a land easement agreement for a duration that can vary between 30 and 40 years. Otherwise, if you prefer to capitalise now the income from your land, you can agree on an advance payment of the annual rent or sign instead a purchase and sale contract.


We support our partners in the transition to “Agriculture 4.0”

On the same field, both the agricultural activity and the power generation can coexist.

With the implementation of Agri-PV Solutions, the photovoltaic plant will cover only the 40% of the land, while the remaining part is dedicated to agriculture, grazing sheep or beekeeping, depending on geographical area and type of terrain. Our Head of Agribusiness will guide you in making the best choice in terms of agricultural income.

The implementation of Agri-PV solutions will also enhance the highest level of monitoring and operations for both the Agricutural and energy production activities.


Enhance biodiversity and natural capital

Biodiversity and habitat loss has an adverse effect on the benefits that humanity receives from the natural environment such as flood risk reduction, food, water provision, energy production.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than before. By considering “natural capital” as elements of the natural environment that benefit people, the economy and society, Innovo Renewables takes a proactive approach in the origination and design phase of projects to actively incorporate and promote this within our development process.


Contribute to Energy Transition

By leasing or selling your land for the development of a photovoltaic project, you are contributing to producing renewable, clean, low-cost electricity for communities and local business.

Photovoltaics and all the renewable energies contribute to diversifying the countries energy mix, ensuring local supply and the achievement of national energy transition goals, by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and impacting climate change positively.

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    Development Partners

    Innovo Renewables S.p.A. is always on the lookout for new collaborations with local partners, for new projects or projects already under development. We believe that teaming up with local partners adds value in creating strong local networks and in supporting communities and environment.

    Innovo Renewables S.p.A. is interested in the long-term ownership of the assets and can offer the financial, commercial and technical expertise for the success of the projects.

    If you are interested, please contact us at

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    Local Communities

    Innovo Renewables is committed to the welfare of local communities not only during the development and planning phase of the projects, but throughout the lifetime of the PV plants.

    Continuous dialogue and discussion with local communities is an integral part of our development activities; each plant is designed with the aim of being fully integrated with the local context and environment, maintaining the characteristics of the territory and the local community that it hosts.

    At Innovo Renewables S.p.A. we are open to partner up to produce clean and low-cost energy for local communities.

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    Private Companies

    Do you own an energy-intensive company (ex. data centers, logistic warehouse, Industrial centre…) and would like it to be renewable?

    Consuming renewable energy only is very important for the environment and will support your cashflows as well as to boost your company’s sustainability scores.

    Innovo Renewables S.p.A. can help you reduce electricity consumption too.
    Our technical team will study the optimal configuration (PV – BESS) providing a tailor-made solution based on your company’s actual needs.

    If you are interested, please contact us at