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Innovo Renewables is a fully integrated renewable energy platform active across Europe and the UK through its Milan, London and Madrid offices.
Through its divisions, the Group is actively investing in developing over 4.5GWp of renewable energy projects across Europe to create a valuable portfolio for investors and utilities.

At Innovo we are making a strong effort to develop a sustainable business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards by delivering energy solutions that are affordable and environmentally friendly.
We are committed to the renewable energy revolution, developing innovative projects contributing to reducing carbon emissions globally.

To do that, we are focusing on Agri-PV, a new way of developing a photovoltaic system aimed to preserve the local biodiversity while helping the energy transition.

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Renewable energies are those sources of energy that are not subject to depletion; their development is unquestionably one of the fundamental components of any political strategy aimed at achieving the global minimisation of the environmental impacts associated with the optimal operation of energy systems.

Let’s take a look at the various technologies we work with at Innovo Renewables S.p.a.


The sun’s irradiation hitting the Earth in one hour could satisfy the entire world energy demand for a year. Solar photovoltaics is one of the cheapest and fastest growing forms of electricity generation worldwide, therefore it is considered as one of the main technologies to meet renewable energy targets.

A solar PV plant is a system that uses solar irradiation to generate electricity via the photovoltaic effect. Once transformed into alternating current, via an inverter, it can be used to power electrical applications or fed and sold into the grid.

The photovoltaic system consists of small photovoltaic cells which form a photovoltaic module. The joining of several modules forms the photovoltaic system.


Wind energy harnesses the kinetic power of the wind to first generate mechanical energy, which is subsequently converted into electricity.

The feasibility of wind technology is closely linked to the geographical features of the location, including the terrain geomorphology, and to the wind presence in a certain area. This technology can be placed on-shore or off-shore.


By increasing the electricity produced through the use of renewable energies, and therefore non-programmable sources, it’s necessary to have a system that can balance and stabilise the grid and store and release electricity during the day, especially when renewables sources generation exceeds the demand or is not enough to meet the demand.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) are storage systems that use batteries to store energy and then release it as required.
A BESS can be placed stand-alone, so directly connected to the grid, or coupled with a renewable sources, such as a PV plant.

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