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ESG in Innovo Renewables


Our commitment to ESG excellence reflects our progress to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth – for our clients, partners, and colleagues.
ESG standards enables us to grow sustainably, allowing us to have a positive impact on our people, the environments, and communities within which we work.
ESG commitments determine the core principles around which our business is built: Sustainability, Ethics and Human Rights.

ESG Pillar In Innovo Renewables


  • Limit CO2 emissions
  • Promote Recycling
  • Implement Environmental Policies
  • Promote energy saving
  • Land protection
  • Adopt CSR’s standards (Corporate Social Respponsability)

ESG Pillar In Innovo Renewables


  • Promote Diversity & Inclusion Policies
  • Eliminate Wage Gaps
  • Promote Health & Safety at Work
  • Defend Human Rights
  • Protect Data Privacy
  • Build Community Relations
  • Promote Employee Engagement

ESG Pillar In Innovo Renewables


  • Ensure Equal Board Composition
  • Promote Ethics
  • Fight Bribery and Corruption
  • Lobbying

ESG Innovo Renewables


Our Internal ESG Committee is composed of team members who evaluate the drivers to improve the ESG performances.

The committee collects all indications coming from the different departments and keeps track of progress. Continuous feedback and reporting keeps everyone involved and aligned.

Some goals are already on-going to be achieved some others are mid to long term goals.