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Building a Cleaner World For Next Generations


Innovo Private Equity IM Sarl (IPE) is a Luxembourg-based fund manager.
IPE is the GP of ETP UK Solar Fund 1, a vehicle investing in the development of large-scale solar across the U.K.

The Fund is currently developing over 400MWp portfolio.

Go Green

Renewable energy

As countries race to reduce emissions, the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy has never been more important or economically viable. From developing to constructing and operating new solar PV and battery storage facilities, our development team is committed to support transition to net zero energy.

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Our investors firmly believe that the value needs to be measured both by economic returns and by a tangible social and environmental impact: that’s why Innovo is committed to combining energy production with carefully targeted farming solutions to maximize the benefit for the land and biodiversity local communities.

Our Expertise

Brownfield Large Scale Solar

At Innovo, we redevelop abandoned industrial areas, exhausted quarries and reclaimed landfills with the use of photovoltaic panels to produce clean energy.

Our Expertise

Battery Storage

The Italian approach to electricity generation is undergoing fundamental change, shifting to an energy mix dominated by renewable energy.

At Innovo we are developing a stand-alone battery storage portfolio of cost-effective solution to the intermittency of renewable energy to address supply-demand imbalances on the grid, in real time.

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